Pedigree pets

For a hobby, owning pedigree animals must be just one step up from shooting yourself in the foot in terms of inconvenience.
It works like this: someone with too much time on their hands decides they like a particular feature about a cat or a dog; say the way it wears a particular outfit or flies its ears as it rides in an open-top car. They then find similar looking dogs to breed with their dog to emphasise the trait. After countless generations the breeder has exaggerated the trait to such an extent it looks distinctive/cute/bizarre.
The goal (from what I can tell) is to push the physiological boundaries of the breed to a point where it fails so every breed has its own particular genetic problems.
Thus, any owner who buys a pedigree animal gets a kind of guarantee: for the life of the pet they will incur vet bills that will make their mortgage repayments look like a subscription to an allotment newsletter.
And people keep buying pedigree animals. Apparently, they get pleasure from looking after them and fretting over their suffering. Perhaps these people could be persuaded to look after geriatrics instead?

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