Halloween Humbug

How did Halloween become so popular? When I was a kid, pumpkins only existed in fairy tales. I never wrote a cartoon for it during the 1980s, as it didn’t figure in anyone’s calendar except possibly as a mention on 31st October in 7pt Helvetica on unmounted year planners.

I can only guess UK commercial interests eyed the date hungrily having already saturated the other annual festivals and decided to import the tacky American inspired Trick or Treat phenomenon. Er, thanks, America. It’s just what we need: obese kids dressed in superhero costumes waddling to our front doors, knocking on them and extorting sweets with threats of violence if we don’t pay protection candy. And don’t get me started on the word, ‘candy’.

Pretty soon, these holiday celebrations will vie with Christmas in terms of sheer profitability and excess. Talking of which, here’s the cartoon I wrote for Christmas back in the day – I’m sending it out early because this year Christmas will be cancelled due to a hoax pandemic and this is the only fun you’ll have.

Roll on 2021.

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