Engine Idling

I’ve noticed this phenomenon growing in popularity and I’m confused 
by it. Do owners derive more pleasure from their car by idling the 
engine? Is it similar to a vibrating chair?

Idling seems to be enjoyed all year round regardless of weather 
conditions. I’ve even seen cars idling when the outside temperature 
has been 21C and the air dead calm. I mean, it must be similar to 
sitting in your centrally heated living room so it can’t be for the 
heater (unless it’s to compensate for the air-con they’ve also got 
blasting out. Hey, I’m just trying to figure out a puzzle here).

I’m told there are group sessions (known by the cognoscenti as 
‘fogging’) and typically organized twice a day outside schools. I 
have to confess I have sometimes watched these fogging sessions from 
a distance and you wouldn’t believe what goes on. Very little, 
actually. Participants remain in their cars smoking and scrolling on 
their phones ignoring everyone else. From what I can tell there is no 
set time for the engine idlers to achieve climax but 30 minutes is 
about the average.

Heavily made-up young mothers in gleaming SUVs seem to be the 
influencers of this crazy fashion. I wonder if they have YouTube 
channels too, demonstrating their idling technique?

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