Engine Idling

I’ve noticed this phenomenon growing in popularity and I’m confused by it. Do owners derive more pleasure from their car by idling the engine? Is it similar to a vibrating chair? Idling seems to be enjoyed all year round regardless of weather conditions. I’ve even seen cars idling when the outside temperature has been 21C and the air dead …

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Cartoon of Traak and Tracey

Testes and Tracey

During this crisis the government is dumbing-down so much of its communication with the public that it’s becoming childish. I’m convinced they’ll soon be issuing illustrated instruction booklets like the Biff and Chip schoolbooks by Roderick Hunt to teach the public about Test and Trace. If they were honest in it, it might read something …

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Pedigree pets

For a hobby, owning pedigree animals must be just one step up from shooting yourself in the foot in terms of inconvenience.It works like this: someone with too much time on their hands decides they like a particular feature about a cat or a dog; say the way it wears a particular outfit or flies its ears as …

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‘Good drying weather,’ I thought as I tried to see a positive side to the situation. So the basket of damp washing that had been moldering in the utility room for several days waiting for clement weather was hung out to dry. The effort to achieve that was equivalent to a good workout in the …

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I love a good statue: the ones in art galleries are particularly impressive. Bernini could make marble contain a pulse. Inevitably, some rich dude sees what can be achieved with metal and stone and thinks, ‘hey, I’d like to be immortalized so people will remember my name.’ He would commission an artist himself to make …

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